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About Us


Shiidotech is a small company based in France. Since our launch in mid-2023, we have been working on various website projects. We dream of creating a Shiidotech ecosystem by building a collection of autonomous websites.

We founded Shiidotech with a specific purpose: to put our ideas and creativity at the service of everyone.

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Our Mission

Our ambition is to design a variety of applications, whether they are websites, mobile apps, or desktop applications, with the goal of enriching and diversifying the user experience on the internet.

Each of our applications is designed to be almost entirely autonomous once deployed, freeing us to focus on creating new innovative projects.

Our Vision

We envision a future where technology and innovation continue to redefine how people interact with the digital world. For us, this future is filled with autonomous, efficient, and user-friendly applications that entertain while bringing real value to their users.

It is this vision of the future that drives us to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible and dedicate ourselves to creating new projects that can make this future a reality.

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Meet the team

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